Argentinosaurus a genus of sauropod dinosaur from late cretaceous Argentina. It is the largest dinosaur and the largest land animal ever to walk the Earth.

Breeding And OfspringEdit

Argentinosaurus laid eggs about the size of a rugby ball, so its young had a lot of growing to do to reach the 140 foot adult size which would probably have many years. At some pionts of growing they would have reached a staggering rate of 40 kg a day.This would lead to a conclusion of vegetation being srtipped away constantly by the vulnerable young Argentinosaurus.


Most giant sauropods perished in the late Jurassic, but in South America and Africa, giants like Argentinosaurus and its relatives lived on. Reaching lengths of 36 metres and wieghing 75 tons these dinosaurs would have been very difficult prey even for giant predators like mapusaurs.
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