Guanlong Raul
Guanlong wucaii is genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur that inhabited the jurassic forests of china 160 million years ago.

Behaviour And DescriptionEdit

At 3 metres long it was a small to medium sized carnivore. The crest on guanlongs head was probably for display either to attract a mate or to scare of enemies. Unlike most tyrannosaurids g
uanlong had three fingered hands whilst most later tyrannosaurids had just 2 fingers per hand. Gunalong was discovered in 2006 and is only known by 2 specimens. As it is only known by two specimins little is known about this primitive tyrannosaurid.

In Popular CultureEdit

  • Guanlong appeared in the movie Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs where it starred as a minor bad guy/villan.
  • It also starred in the Dicovery Channel Documentory Dinosaur Revolution where a pair of Guanlong were shown to try to hunt several species of prehistoric mammals but in the end failed and ended up surriounded by prehistoric crocodiles.
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