Although Tyrannosaurs ruled in the northern hemisphere, Abelisaurs such as Majungasaurus reigned in the southern hemisphere.

Appearance And BehaviourEdit

Many Majungasaurus skulls and bones have been found and studied. All came from the Mahajanga Province of Madagascar and date to a time when it was already an island. Majungasaurus was not one of the larger theropod dinosaurs but it was still the largest predator of the region we know of. The short and broad snout was perfect for biting and holding onto Sauropods. But Sauropods weren't the only thing on its menu. Recently discovered bones with bite marks from other Majungasaurus prove they ate each other. This was the first direct evidence of cannibalism found in dinosaurs, although the Coelophysis remains at Ghost Ranch of Triassic Period age, had given Palaeontologists suspicions for decades (juvenile Coelophysis preserved inside the stomach region of adults).