Microraptor gui skeleton
Microraptor lived in China during the Cretaceous period.


Microraptor was one of the smallest known dinosaurs. An unusual and unique feature were the four wings it had. Not like a dragonfly, but wings on its arms and legs. It was probably an insectavore, but may have been a hunter as well, probably using the same methods as modern day eagles and hawks, in which members of the Dromaeosauridae are believed to have evolved. It could glide from tree to tree to catch bugs. This small Dromaeosaur was able to use it's gliding skills to great effect whilst hunting, escaping from predators and just generally moving around the forests.

In Popular CultureEdit

  • Microraptor appeared in BBC Planet Dinosaur where it hunted a Xainglong and later was attacked and escaped from a Sinornoithosaurus.
  • Microraptor also appeared in the 3rd episode of Prehistoric Park where Nigel tried to bring several Microraptors back to the park.